PartyWavePDX X CMSco Camp Mug

PartyWavePDX X CMSco Camp Mug


We collaborated with Camp Mug Supply Co. to design this surfy camp mug. Each mug is hand painted in Portland, Oregon. Proceeds go towards supporting our annual surf show.

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About the designs:

Designs may slightly vary and could have small imperfections from the hand-done process. In most instances the mug you purchase may be made to order, special just for you. This aspect makes our product unique and truly handmade. We take pride in offering you something with a little extra bit of character and hope this resonates with you as well.  

Care Instructions:

All mugs are painted using a special porcelain paint that is oven-cured for 35 minutes at 300°F (148.89°C). This ensures a durable and long lasting design and makes your mug top-rack dishwasher safe. We do however, recommend hand washing your mug to ensure longevity of the design. 

Not entirely indestructible so please note: 

Do NOT use in the microwave, these mugs are made of high grade steel coated in enamel. They will not respond well to this. These mugs are much more durable than a traditional porcelain mug though. They can take a beating but severe falls could lead to chipped enamel. This only adds a bit more character to its complexion and maybe a good story. Note that exposed metal underneath the enamel could potentially rust when exposed to prolonged liquids and air so be mindful of that.