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EST. 2018 | Portland, Oregon

Making Good Times Smell Better

We spent years chasing surf, snow, and remote campsites around the Pacific Northwest. Our cars always smelled of soggy wetsuits, dirty socks, and campfire smoke. After getting tired of looking at the same old air fresheners hanging from rear view mirrors, we decided to make our own designs inspired by our travels and the people we met along the way. Nose Patrol was born.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

While our roots are in action sports and the outdoors, Nose Patrol has grown to be much more. We look at our air fresheners as a blank canvas for telling stories. We work with artists, athletes, adventurers and creators from across the globe who are living life with passion, authenticity, and purpose. Our mission is to make good smelling art that is fun and accessible.

Enjoy the Drive

Whether you're on a road trip, wheeling your 4x4, commuting to work, or setting up camp next to your car, we're stoked to be hanging from your rear view mirror.

Fill up on good smells.

What we're currently up to...