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Scent Guide

Dark Ice - Masculine and musky with a hint of wood and citrus undertones. This fresh & clean scent is a best seller across the world. 

Vanilla - Sweet, cozy and comforting. This classic natural scent will leave you salivating.

Citrus - Fresh squeezed for your nose. This clean and fruity scent is a best selling citrus blend.

Guava - Fruity, tropical, and has subtle floral hints. It’s just the right amount of sweet.

Nu Car - Musky, leathery, and fresh off the dealership floor.

Pine - Fresh, natural, and relaxing. It will turn your car into a mobile forest.

Piña Colada - One part coconut and one part pineapple. This fruity blend will transport your mind to the tropics. Similar to other brands “surf wax” scent.